Margie and Tim
UGC Creators | Drone Footage


Nice to meet you 🙂 

If you’re looking for amazing, eye-catching videos that showcase your products in the breathtaking Aussie countryside, you’ve found the right team! 

As a husband and wife team, we know how to gain attention of your customers from years of experience, and with backgrounds from retail and digital marketing, we’ll create the perfect UGC videos for you to use. Plus, we’re avid 4wdrivers, campers, hikers and generally anything outdoors – so we are your target audience also! 

We use the following to complement your videos, when needed: 

  • Caravan
  • Dirtbike
  • Hiking 
  • Camping (tents)
  • Beach/Snorkel

If you’re looking for something a little different, or if you would like to add a point of difference, we also offer drone footage. 

Perfect for showing off the location of your Airbnb or campsite, or simply add that ‘wow’ factor to your fitness gear… the options are endless! 

Brands we create for:


  • Camping
  • Caravan
  • 4wd Accessories
  • Motorbike
  • Beach
  • Outdoor Fitness 
  • Health and Wellness
  • Clothing
  • Airbnb

Brands we've worked with:

plus more!

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Ready to unleash the power of UGC for your business?

DM/Email/Phone Chat

We will ask a few initial questions to suggest the best services that will suit your brand. We’d love to hear your ideas.


A quote will be sent with different options. See what suits you best. A contract will be sent to be signed.


To achieve the best outcome we will send you a questionnaire to fill in. This will include:

  • Company branding specifics
  • Target audience questions
  • Goal of your UGC
  • Theme
Send your products 
Please notify us when you send your products, we will let you know when we receive them. Filming/Editing usually occurs within 21 days unless stated.
Creative Brief

You will be sent a questionnaire to fill in. If you have a brand specific creative brief or VI, you can send this instead.

Creative Draft

We will script/draft your videos for your approval, unless you want to write the script.

Filming Draft

You will receive weekly updates on progress of your UGC. The draft will be uploaded to a secure Google file. We will notify you, and you can let us know if you are happy or would like revision.

Final Edit/Payment

Once the UGC videos have been approved, you will be sent the finished products. A final invoice will be sent

We will keep you informed every step of the process, to ensure the best outcome for your videos/photos.