Services & Pricing

Organic Content:

Raw files: + 50% of video price

(Raw files are the individual clips prior to: editing, adding text to the screen, changing the speed, adding filters, etc… )



*NEW* Raw file package

Total for package 1: $500

Total for package 2: $800

These packages will give you the flexibility to edit clips together to make many different types of short videos for your socials. You will have the ability to conduct your own split testing for ads, or gain valuable data organically. You will receive individual clips. Use them together or individually – the options are endless. 

Ad Content:

Raw files: + 50% of video price. You will have ongoing usage rights on our Ad UGC content (no limited usage)

Monthly Organic Content:

Videos will be a variety of content from trends, educational, comment responses, etc. 

They will be between 6 – 60 seconds long and will be optimized for your marketing goals. 

Photos will be a variety of scenes/settings with different changes.

UGC Product Photos:


The difference between UGC photos and professional product photography is: 

Your product will be photographed as is it being used. It will not be highly edited/staged, it will showcase the human element – perfect for Instagram/Pinterest and your webpages.


Contact Margie for a customised quote. Discounts for weekly/monthly packages. Options include:

  • SEO optimised
  • Keyword optimised
  • Any word length
  • Written for engagement or sales

All pricing is in $AU

One revision per video is included | 5-7 day turnaround from receiving your products | Express delivery available at 30% of total cost.