Dream Customer Checklist


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If you want to increase your sales, and create the business you are dreaming of, you need to talk directly to your dream customer. Not the masses, just that one person who will change your life.

Contrary to popular believe, selling to one person is way more efficient that selling to many – you can connect emotionally. And yes, guess what – there are many of your ‘dream customer’ out there. You are not limiting your sales, but rather doing the opposite.

If you hear a message that is designed personally for you, wouldn’t you want to buy?


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Why talking to your dream customer is so important – miss this step and you’ll miss out on sales.

How to find who your dream customer is, and how you solve their problems – so they have no choice but to buy your product/service.

What your customers are really looking for. Hint: it’s not what you think.

Conducting interviews – don’t fall into the trap of doing it the wrong way!


Are you thinking:

I just need sales, I don’t have time to work out my ‘dream customer’?

This is the crucial step in true marketing – the type that will actually get you sales. If you take time here, you will see the benefits in your sales and set up a marketing system that will help you in the future.

I’m not tech savvy – I’ve just opened up my Etsy shop so don’t need this.

You don’t need any more tech than posting a social media post on Facebook. Selling on Esty is just as important as selling on any other platforms. You still talk to your potential customers – through social media and even in the description of your products. You need this to align with your dream customer to really get them to emotionally love your product.

I haven’t made any sales yet.

Great! This is the perfect time to implement you dream customer – you can really position your product to be right in front of your dream customer, with more chances that they will buy from you.

Turn your small business into a thriving career.

Written by a Mum, for parents who want to build a flexible, profitable lifestyle for their family.