Learn From Me

Are you a home based business owner who wants to make more sales quickly WITHOUT randomly posting on social media and wasting time?


Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to turn your small business or idea into a profitable home based business in 10 weeks or less so you can start watching your products leave your kitchen bench on their way to excited customers eager to give you a five star review. 


Imagine peacefully waking up to your kids smiling faces, knowing there is no rush to clock on to a timesheet. You have a sense of excited anticipation for your day ahead, the spontaneous playground visit and chocolate ice cream before you start your ‘work’ day. You kinda feel guilty calling it work as it is your passion, but the money coming in proves you have a real, profitable business – your business. 


What will you learn?

Module 1 – Defining your brand to maximise the wow factor

Learn how to stand out in the crowd, attract your perfect customer so
selling becomes so simple. You will get in the flow, saving you valuable time
not wandering down rabbit holes, creating a quicker path to your success.

Module 2 – Getting social – the keys to unlocking your social media

Set up your social pages for serious success and professionalism. So
your potential customers stop scrolling their Instagram feeds and start taking
notice of your brand. Watch your following increase and the anticipation for your products explode!

Module 3 – Providing Value

Transform your social media follower into an excited customer who can’t
wait for your products. So, you can shower your potential customers with
exceptional value, fast tracking their journey to purchase.

Module 4 – Engaging emails for excited customers

Supercharge your connection with your potential and returning customers
by using simple email marketing tactics and learn to write such compelling
emails your readers can’t wait for. So you can eliminate the ups and downs of
selling by creating a predictable revenue stream. 

Need more information?

HBH Gold: Pay per month, lessons get released weekly over 10 months.

$47 per month


HBH Platinum: Pay in full (or payment plan) for fast tracked results in 10 weeks. Includes full support.  one time payment of $497

Contact hello@margiesarah.com.au for any questions.

Meet Your Mentor

When I was struggling, coming to terms with my new life with a special needs child, knowing returning to my dream job was floating away, I remember the day walking around baby markets with my newborn and saw huge lines of people flocking to particular stalls. 

I realised I can do this! I love crafts and sewing. I’m good at computers and tech. Putting it all together seemed so logical. 

I believe this was the pivotal moment I needed to see I could create a business that suited my lifestyle – I could work on in my terms and in my time frames. 

At the heart of this is my family that needs me at home. Simple. Creating my own business gave me the financial needs, but more importantly, I regained a sense of belonging in the community – I was able to give back to society and be more than ‘just’ a Mum. 

I am Margie, Mum of 2 and digital marketer and small business owner. I want to help you start and grow your own profitable and meaningful brand from the comfort of your home without feeling trapped in the 9-5.